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Invisalign® Clear Aligners, Teeth Whitening & Composite Bonding

Meet Jade, a young patient who came to us looking to enhance her smile. She was mainly concerned about her crooked teeth, a chip on her front tooth, and the overall colour of her teeth. Jade wanted to improve her smile to increase her confidence and eliminate any worry about her teeth during her day-to-day activities.

Our journey with Jade started with her teeth in their natural state. The initial focus was on teeth alignment, followed by a bit of whitening. The final step involved applying composite bonding to close the space, bringing us to the final look after the teeth whitening.

You can find Jade’s full smile journey on our Instagram account. The transformation Jade underwent showcases the power of modern dental treatments in creating a more confident smile.

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Invisalign® Clear Aligners, Teeth Whitening & Composite Bonding

Meet Kevin, a patient who came to us with concerns about the crookedness, colour, and roughness of his teeth. Kevin’s initial examination revealed evidence of teeth grinding and significant acid erosion, contributing to the darker colour of his teeth.

Our first step was to straighten Kevin’s teeth, achieving a more orderly and balanced look. We followed this with a teeth whitening treatment, which noticeably brightened the cavities on his front teeth.

The final stage of Kevin’s transformation involved composite bonding to further improve the aesthetics of his smile. The before and after contrast was striking. The transformation was clear to see.

After a final polish-up, Kevin’s smile truly became his new, confidence-boosting feature.

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Invisalign® Clear Aligners, Teeth Whitening & Composite Bonding

This patient presented with gaps in their teeth that were progressively getting worse, which affected their confidence in smiling and laughing. They initially came to us with visible gaps, especially on the left-hand side of the mouth, which you can clearly see in the “before” pictures. There were also additional gaps elsewhere, which are less obvious.

After a detailed analysis, we initiated a course of treatment that involved teeth straightening and whitening. As a result, the gaps were significantly reduced, leaving only a small space that further added to the natural look of the smile.

To further enhance the appearance, we concluded the treatment with composite bonding. The patient’s new smile is proof of the power of professional dental intervention, not only improving dental health but also restoring confidence.

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External & Internal Teeth Whitening

Here, we showcase the transformation journey of a middle-aged woman who had experienced dental trauma in her youth, causing her to struggle with smiling. This patient’s smile was rejuvenated using internal and external whitening methods.

Our patient achieved significant improvements at an affordable cost, with minimal annual maintenance expenses. The procedure allowed for comfortable at-home care to sustain the results.

As seen in the before and after images of her whitening treatment, the change in her smile is pretty dramatic. Her transformation journey from reluctance to radiant smile is captivating.

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Invisalign® Clear Aligners, Teeth Whitening & Composite Bonding

Meet Emily, a patient who came to us seeking to gain more confidence in her smile. Her primary concerns were her crooked, uneven, and discolored teeth, especially noticeable in the top front region.

Our comprehensive treatment plan included Invisalign, whitening, and composite bonding. At the midway point of her treatment, there was significant progress in teeth alignment.

Composite bonding was used after straightening and whitening to perfect her smile. The final results of her smile transformation are absolutely stunning.

Check out our Instagram account to see Emily’s entire smile journey.

Emily’s smile transformation stands as a testament to what our comprehensive treatments can achieve.

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Invisalign® Clear Aligners, Teeth Whitening & Composite Bonding

Jason approached us unhappy with his crooked and dark teeth, which also had some chips at the edges. Being in his early thirties, he was seeking a revitalized, bright smile.

Our treatment plan for Jason involved the utilization of Invisalign for aligning his teeth, teeth whitening, and composite bonding to address the issue of chipping.

Jason’s smile improved significantly. His teeth are now straightened and whitened, a result of the comprehensive treatment he received at our practice.

We’re proud of the results we achieved together.

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Invisalign® Clear Aligners, Teeth Whitening & Composite Bonding

We present the journey of an aspiring actress who sought our services to enhance her smile, primarily aiming to align and brighten her teeth. Her quest for a stunning smile was driven by career goals and a desire for more on-camera confidence.

Our comprehensive smile makeover started with teeth straightening using Invisalign. This step significantly improved the appearance of a twisted incisor and broadened her initially narrow smile.

Subsequent teeth whitening further accentuated the brightness and improved her smile. Not stopping there, our patient chose to address her jagged edges for a more symmetrical look. Composite bonding helped to achieve this, refining the edges of her front four teeth and harmonizing her overall smile.

The final result: a wider, brighter smile with lighter side teeth. A striking transformation was achieved. Even a year post-treatment, her radiant smile withstands the test of time.

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Invisalign® Clear Aligners, Teeth Whitening & Composite Bonding

Our patient, in his late twenties, desired a radiant smile for his upcoming wedding. His main concerns were the darkness of his teeth, visible chips, and a crooked alignment.

Starting with a comprehensive smile assessment, we noted the yellow hue, chipped edges, and unevenness. Using Invisalign, we corrected the crooked teeth but held off on the whitening process until the alignment was perfect. The Invisalign results showed significant improvement, but the teeth still appeared yellow and had a few chips.

Post-Invisalign, we proceeded with teeth whitening, dramatically lightening the dark color of his teeth. With a remarkable difference, we then tackled the minor chips on the teeth through composite bonding. This process smoothed the edges and provided a uniform appearance.

The transformation was significant, offering our patient a brighter, straighter smile, ready for his big day. Be sure to check our social media for more in-depth progression shots (Note: facial images are cropped for patient privacy).

Time to transform your smile?

Whether you’re interested in Invisalign®, composite bonding, dental implants, or even a full smile makeover, we’re here to help you realise your dream smile.

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