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Memberships & Fees

Join our VIPatient membership scheme for peace of mind and exclusive member-only benefits. FOMO avoided.



£22 per month

Cover the bases for peace of mind and avoid pesky dental surprises with our VIPatient membership.


£33 per month

Make your teeth shine with extra hygiene cleans included in our VIPatient+ membership.


£3 per month

We love families. We’ll keep your little one’s teeth healthy. Children of registered members can join for only £3 per month.

Hold your horses! If you’re not a registered patient, you’ll need a New Patient Examination & Hygiene Appointment before you can become a member. New Patient Examinations are currently £49 (Normally £89).


New Patient Examination

£49 (Normally £89)

We’ll take the time to really get to know you and your dental goals. Whether you’re just popping in for a regular check-up or have an existing problem, we’re here for you.

*If you register as a new patient during May 2021



Spruce up your pearly whites with a thorough de-scaling and polish for that squeaky clean feeling. You can even add an air-polishing treatment for added shine.

Emergency Appointments (Regular Opening Times)


Toothache or accidents can happen to anyone at any time. That’s why we offer evening and weekend appointments for dental emergencies. We’ll fix it!

Note: if further treatment such as extractions or dressings are required, then our usual fees will apply

Essentials Non-Member Fee Member Fee
New Patient Examination (August 2021) £49 -
Membership: VIPatient - £22/month
Membership: VIPatient+ - £33/month
Membership: Kids - £3/month
New Patient Examination (Normal) £89 -
Existing Patient Examination £69 Included
Emergency Appointments (Regular Opening Times) £69 £60.72
Out of Hours Emergency £199 £199
Child Examination (0-12 Years) £39 Included
Child Examination (13-18 Years) £49 Included
Complex Treatment Planning £300-500 £264-440
Cosmetic Consultation (Virtual) FREE (£30 Deposit) Included
Implant Consultation £100 £88
Specialist Consultation £100 £88
Full Mouth OPG X-Ray £59 £51.92
Hygiene Non-Member Fee Member Fee
Hygiene (30 Minutes) £75 Included
Airflow (15 Minutes) £50 £44
Gum Disease Treatment Non-Member Fee Member Fee
Deep Gum Cleaning (60 Minutes) £205 £180.40
Gum Maintenance (30 Minutes) £75 -
Fillings Non-Member Fee Member Fee
Composite Filling (Small) £145 £127.60
Composite Filling (Medium) £189 £166.32
Composite Filling (Large) £219 £192.72
Extractions Non-Member Fee Member Fee
Simple (Generally Front Teeth) £125 £110
Moderate (Generally Back Teeth) £200 £176
Complex (Teeth with Complex Anatomy/Surgical) £300 £264
Complex Wisdom Teeth £350 £308
Root Canal Treatment Non-Member Fee Member Fee
Front Teeth £400 £352
Premolars £500 £440
Molars £600 £528
Repeat Root Canals by Specialist +£150 +£132
Crowns & Onlays Non-Member Fee Member Fee
All-White, All-Ceramic (Back Teeth) From £739 From £650.32
All-White, All-Ceramic (Font Teeth) From £839 From £738.32
Gold £POA £POA
Bridges Non-Member Fee Member Fee
Conventional Bridge per Unit (Minimum 2 Units) £709 £623.92
Resin Bonded Bridge (2 Units) £919 £808.72
Dentures Non-Member Fee Member Fee
Temporary Acrylic Dentures, Each £350-500 £308-440
Permanent Acrylic Dentures, Each £750-1,250 £660-1,100
Cobalt Chrome Dentures, Each £850-1,350 £748-1,188
Implants Non-Member Fee Member Fee
Single Tooth & Crown From £2,900 From £2,552
Bone Grafts £POA £POA
Sinus Lifts £POA £POA
Cosmetic Treatments Non-Member Fee Member Fee
Composite Bonding, per Tooth £250-350 £220-308
Veneers, per Tooth From £839 From £738.32
Teeth Whitening £369 £184.50
Orthodontics Non-Member Fee Member Fee
Consultation (Virtual) £30 (Refundable) Included
Invisalign® £2,500-4,500 £2,500-4,500
Fixed (Train-Track) Braces £2,200-4,200 £2,500-4,500
Removable Retainers (Basic, 1 Pair) £200 £176
Invisalign® Vivera® Retainer (3 Pairs) £500 Included
Fixed Retainers (Pair) £400 Included
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